Steel Wire Services

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We also offer a variety of industry-related services.

Technical services

We have a technical department that is ready to answer any questions you might have regarding existing products and their results. There are several ways to provide this information, such as PPAP documentation, control plans, FMEA process tables, flow charts, and R&R studies.

Inspections and tests we conduct on our products include:

  • Tensile Testing (includes yield, elongation, and reduction of area)
  • Torsion Testing
  • Coating Weight Tests
  • Hardness Tests
  • Micro-Analysis (inclusions, segregation, grain size)
  • Salt Spray Testing

We also perform an internal fracture analysis in case of any wire breaks.

Technical assessments

As a result of our experience and expertise, our facility is uniquely positioned to provide technical assessments. In addition to providing sales quotes, we can assist in selecting the appropriate steel grades for specific applications and assist with issue solving related to forming or coatings.

Customized products

Our company is committed to keeping up with technology, incorporating the latest types of equipment that make high quality products easier and faster to produce. Our experts pride themselves on having the ability to deliver custom made products that meet the specifications of customers, along with their packaging, labeling, and shipping requirements. In addition to having its own process template, each wire is unique for each product.

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