Processed wire rod

for advanced applications

As the key product of the steel industry, processed steel wire rod have multiple uses. As such, automotive, chemical, energy, and construction industries use them for components.

Wire rod is hot rolled from steel billets and is most often converted into machine parts after undergoing heat treatment, forging, and wire drawing. Wire rod is usually drawn into a smaller diameter wire, to improve overall surface quality and diameter tolerances, before being forged or formed.

Sivaco offers a wide range of processed steel wire rod used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • lifting machinery and equipment
  • road and bridge infrastructures
  • reinforcement of road construction
  • fasteners, springs, and bearings
  • chains and cables
  • wire mesh and fencing wire
  • tire cord and wire ropes
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All plain carbon and alloy, carbon steel grades

Coatings finish

Zinc phosphate, lime, borax, lube, polymer


4.75 mm to 25.5 mm (0.187″ to 1.004″) (can handle coils weighting up to 4500 lbs)

Annealing equipment

Spheroidization annealing, patenting


Cleaned and coated, process annealed, full spheroidized annealed, lead patented


ASTM F2282
ASTM A228 5.3.3

Information on additional diameters and grades available upon request

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