Submarine wire
(Subsea Steel Wire)


We provide high quality steel wire solutions to meet the high demands of subsea industries.

Throughout the years, we have worked vigorously to achieve superior results in steel wire design. As a result of technological developments and joint efforts with our customers, we have been able to consistently produce high performance submarine wires: high load capacity, long lifetime, wear resistance, perfectly fit to meet the rigorous requirements of the oil & gas industries as well as the utility & telecom industries.

Seawater, salt water, wind, and sand are some of the environmental factors that Sivaco’s submarine wire is designed to withstand.

We offer a wide range of steel wires in its subsea series. They are specifically designed for various applications such as:

  • Mooring Cables
  • Umbilical Cables
  • Armor Wire
  • ROV Cables
  • Seismic Cables
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Bright, Drawn Finish, Zinc, Galfan

Inquire about our EHTSW (Extra High Tensile Strength Wire) product specifically designed for subsea applications that are required to attain deeper ocean depths.

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