High carbon wire 9000 series


Designed as a substitute for oil tempered wire Sivaco 9000 series is a quality product, processed from patented rod using state-of-the-art wire drawing equipment. The finished product meets or exceeds ASTM and international standards. It is ideal for conversion into springs or formed parts where high quality is required.

Sivaco 9000 series high carbon wire begins with precisely formulated raw materials and continues through a series of Sivaco processes and best practices. The result is material with excellent ductility, high tensile strength, and superior consistency from coil to coil.

It has proven to be easier to handle throughout the forming process. It has low residual stress and is simpler to use than conventional materials. It can be provided in a wide range of diameters, various grades, and surface finishes, including galvanized and bright (drawn finish), to meet or exceed your high carbon steel wire requirements. In addition, Sivaco can customize the product to meet your specific needs.

Working with Sivaco 9000 can also improve operations. This is due to the wire’s dead cast, which makes storing and using it safer. The wire can be handled without restraining its spring back, and it can be stored vertically by stacking its carriers (stems).

In field experience, the series has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective substitution for conventionally heat-treated wire in a variety of applications such as:

  • garage door springs
  • aggregate screen cloth
  • automotive torsion bars
  • agricultural implements
  • commercial augers
  • various flattening applications
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1045 TO 1085


.170” TO .625”


+/- .002”


Bright as drawn
Galvanized finish is available on diameters below .385”


Option A
Delivered on carriers with weights varying between 1000 lbs. and 4000 lbs.

Option B
Delivered as a strapped coil with an ID of 44” and an OD of 58”.


9000 wire is a substitute for ASTM A229 and A401.

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